Be motivated.

Surround yourself with
words that move you.

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Be inspired.

A beautiful gentle reminder
for your home to stay soft,
no matter what happens.


Be bold.

Simple, striking words and colors.

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Be you.

Be reminded,
everywhere you look.

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Be still.

Mindfulness matters.

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Be energized.

Words to inspire.

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Be home.

Discover words and art
that bring meaning to any space.

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Be more.

Turn any space into an artwork,
a conversation starter and a place of rejuvenation.

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Be peaceful.

Embrace your home.

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Be everything.

Go fourth and make
something that matters.

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The Color Bloc Range

The Words Range

The Illustrated Range

The Today Range

The Color Range

The Here & Now Range

By Iain S. Thomas

Each artwork in the collection was illustrated and written by Iain S. Thomas using art and poetry from previous and forthcoming volumes of his bestselling poetry. Designed to bring meaning and life to every room, each piece has something special and unique to it to make your home a joy to live in.

A World Of Words And Color

On their own each artwork brings something special to a room but when you combine them, you start to create a space that reminds everyone in it of what really matters. Like living softly, with meaning, without anxiety and with kindness in every moment.

Quality First

We’ve worked tirelessly to find the right printing and distribution partners to make sure that each and every artwork is something we can be proud of, and you can be proud to hang in your home.