What do you do if someone you love plays with your feelings?

Anonymous on Instagram asks, 

Can i ask you a question? What would you do if someone you love played with your feelings? I feel like cutting off the 4-year friendship I have with someone special to me. He is confusing--One day he likes me and another day--he's different again. It just keeps going and it pains me already. He walked away easily when i asked for space for me to move on. Should I be angry? I'm worried because I'm slowly becoming bitter of him and I don't want it to grow. How do we even move on?

He seems confusing because he is confused. He walked away because he wanted you to know he was brave. He wanted you to know he was brave because he cares what you think of him. Where do you want to move on to? You refer to him as, "someone you love", and then asked him for space and he gave it to you and now you feel bitter - perhaps he is not the only one confused about how he feels? If you want to move apart, then you don’t need to do anything, time will do the job it is meant to do and move you along, day by day, slowly but surely. If you want to be together, then you will both need to be brave. To say, “I want this, do you want this?” is easy. To find the strength to say it, and the way through each other, to the side of a person that can actually hear you, is much more difficult. Sometimes, it is worth it. But that is up to you to decide.

- Iain S. Thomas 

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September 22, 2020 — Iain Thomas

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